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Little Me Came for a Visit

Imagine hearing a knock at your door. You open your door and there you see, you. You're about 6 years old, standing there with your suitcase, smiling, ready for your visit. Little you has come to spend some time with you and will be staying for a few weeks. What would this be like? What questions would little you ask? What would little you be surprised about? Excited about? Disappointed with?

Little you, is your true self; unfiltered and unchanged by life experiences and external pressures. Listen to little you. There lie simple truths and uncomplicated solutions to your current struggles. As an adult, you have the power and ability to give to little you, whatever it is that you needed, even if no one else gave it to you. Notice the love and sense of protection that you may feel toward that self. You wouldn't let anyone bully or abuse them. Not now; not in your presence. Well, that's you; just like you currently are. You two are one in the same. If you wouldn't allow misuse of little you, why allow such treatment of present day you? Little you has also brought you a gift. Perspective.