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I am a solution focused counselor who enjoys working with adults who are motivated to change.  I believe that knowing who you are and how you fit into your world is a requirement to living a healthy and balanced life.  Being unclear about your self concept can often result in, or from, relationship difficulties, work related stress and overwhelm, trauma, and much more.  Coming to a better understanding of self leads to an improved quality of life!

Reisha Jack, LPC-MHSP

Who Do I Work With.....
  • The Strong - cannot afford to "be weak" which equals = needing help.
  • The Invisible - those who feel powerless to change their situations
  • The Lost  - those who struggle with issues related to roles and identity.
  • Youyour name and presenting problem here
I have successfully helped many people work through the issues that prevent them from being able to manage day to day responsibilities, allowing them to get back to living life on their terms. I take pride in being a trusted counselor, who will listen and understand your story, and walk alongside you to find a better way of being authentically you!
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