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Upcoming Events

  • Seeking Me on Saturday - Emotions
    Sat, Aug 27
    St. Columba - Johnson Lodge
    Mad. Sad. Glad. Scared..... there's so much more to the human experience. Learning the functions of our feelings will unlock doors of understanding ourselves and others on a new level. Become better able to control your emotions, to communicate with others, and to strengthen relationships!
  • Seeking Me on Saturday -  Pieces of Me
    Sat, May 21
    St. Columba - Johnson Lodge
    You won't want to miss the newest installment in the Seeking Me on Saturday Workshop Series! This time we're getting up close and personal with the many parts of the self.
  • Seeking Me on Saturday  2:30PM-5PM
    Sat, Mar 26
    Buffalo Room
    This is the AFTERNOON session option.
Memphis Counselor

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