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Being vs Doing

One thing that gets a huge eye roll from me is the incorrect / over-use of psychological terms and concepts once pop culture gets hold of them. They become hashtags and buzzwords. All of a sudden, everyone is a "narcissist". Some casually describe a moment of directed focus on cleaning and organization as "I'm so OCD" or distraction as having a moment of ADD. Mindfulness has joined the hashtag word bank, becoming one of the many very meaningful concepts that becomes watered down and misconstrued.

Let's keep it simple. There's no need to commercialize or market the concept. Mindfulness is, simply put, being present and aware of the here and now. It is the state of being. You don't need a yoga outfit, gear, and poses to access "the mindfulness". It's wherever you are and whatever you're doing. There is so much power in learning how to BE vs do. Let's walk through a few quick steps on a crash course in being.