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Boundaries: Where you end and I begin

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The concept of having healthy boundaries may be one that is new to you if you grew up in a household with little privacy and much responsibility. Boundaries are the invisible barrier between ourselves and others that defines our personal space physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

Broken Fences

Unhealthy boundaries are often a byproduct of having little autonomy in your family of origin (the family with which you grew up). Those of us who had to share spaces, had little or no privacy, were not respected as a person but treated as a child that should be "seldom seen and unheard", whose negative emotions were stifled or ignored, and seemed to exist to fulfill the needs of others are very likely to have developed some unhealthy boundaries, if not non-existent. Let's be honest, how are we to magically learn to have appropriate boundaries as a adult, if we've never had the chance to practice or to see them modeled for us?