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Sometimes I just want to run away....

The desire to escape the stressors of life is not uncommon. But you can't leave your life???

Sometimes the weight of the world becomes too heavy to bear. Those things and people that you used to enjoy, now feel like burdens that you're tired of carrying. You can't take the noise of life, the annoyance of interactions, or the pain of it all. You're tired and you just want to get away. But you can't. They're your family. You need your job. You'd have to come back eventually and it would all still be waiting and even if you did leave, you'd still be taking YOU along. Maybe you don't need to run away. Maybe you need a break and a new perspective.

Change the Channel

A few small changes can make a huge difference in the way you see your life:


  • Try a short stay-cation (use some of those vacation days).

  • Reconnect with activities that you enjoy (the more childlike, the better).

  • Make a list of things/ people that you're grateful for.

  • Try meditation and relaxation.

  • Visit a friend instead of calling or texting.

  • Go outside.

  • Connect to art as an escape (draw, write, color, listen to or play your favorite music)

You may not be able to get away. You may not really want to at all. Reminding yourself of the good parts of your life can help to make the other parts more bearable.

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